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Beghelli Smart Lighting Show Control System-

Product Introduction

BGI MC01 master controller is one remote control BTS base offline master controller which is based on the Android platform and the SIM communication platform. BGI MC01 relies on SIM communication, and the communication adopts 800MHz-900MHz frequency band, has a strong penetrating ability, no blind area coverage, to ensure the high stability and high efficiency of remote command. With the Android platform and the SIM communication stability and penetration, the users can send messages to control the satellite synchronization master controller’s program clips, playback speed, and brightness adjustments via mobile terminal APP of android.BGI MC01 adopts BTS base station communication module, through connecting the equipment around the communication base stations to obtain high accuracy signal and reach the synchronized linkage control. BGI MC01 master controller realized stable and simple remote control function,mainly used in the offline project of multiple buildings.Regarding the strict engineering requirements of project party A, BGI MC01 master controller with the remote control technology is greatly satisfying the requirements of customers.

Main performance

1. Adopt the large volume of 32GB SD card to store data with various programs.

2. Own LCD English display interface with features of easy operation intuitive.

3. By receiving BTS base station signal to reach the wireless linkage synchronization of multiple controllers, meeting the clients’ requirements to synchronize multiple controllers when there is no connection between multiple buildings.

4. Based on Android platform and SIM communication to send remote control instructions, to control BGI B2120K program segment, speed and brightness adjustment etc function

5. Offer various controller methods, such as DMX512 and SPI; BGI B2120K is access to load 0.15 million pixels when cooperated with slave controller, it is especially applied to large-scale projects.

Products Information

  • Power: 15W
  • Power supply: 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
  • Protection grade: IP20
  • Working temperature: -40°C ~ +50°C
  • Control pixel: 0.15million pixels
  • Control effect: Words, animation, images, video
  • SD card volume: 32GB
  • Communication interface: RJ45
  • Program quantity: ≤99 units
  • Speed grade: 100 Grade
  • Brightness adjustment grade: 100 grade

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