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Sede Beghelli Monteveglio
Founded in 1982 by Gian Pietro Beghelli, the Beghelli Group is leader in Italy and Europe in the emergency lighting market; Beghelli group also operates in the sectors of energy saving lighting, electronic systems for domestic and industrial safety and photovoltaic power production. The Beghelli leadership is based on the capacity to understand the market requirements; through the years, the investments made on quality and Beghelli brand – known by the 92,2% of the Italian population (Doxa poll source) – concurred to the success of the Group in its traditional operating markets thus representing a success guarantee for the launch of new products.

The R&D activity is essential for the Beghelli Group that allocates huge investments in it to develop technologically innovative products both from their functional and design features. The research activity which permanently involves 15% of the company staff, is performed in the Group laboratories and experimental centres that take care also of the design, engineering, testing and certification of the production.

The companies of the Group

Beghelli Servizi
Beghelli Servizi was founded in the '90s, on the basis of Gian Pietro Beghelli's forward-thinking plan to link a series of "Service" packages with Beghelli's products. The company has historically been active in the personal and workplace safety sector, through the SOS Beghelli Operational Centre , which constantly monitors and manages thousands of Beghelli devices designed to provide assistance and protection to individuals. Beghelli Servizi is an E.S.Co. (Energy Service Company), and as such, offers a range of possibilities for the integration of lighting systems, with a host of different proposals for the market, founded on more that 10 years of experience in energy efficiency across all economic sectors, both private and public.

Elettronica Cimone
The production plant of all the electronic components of the Beghelli products is Elettronica Cimone, placed in the Apennine mountains, near Modena. Everyday more than 1.500.000 electronic components are installed on the circuit boards of the products.

Beghelli Savigno
In the heart of the hills surrounding Bologna is the manufacturing centre producing moulded components for Beghelli products.

Beghelli Elplast
The company, located near Brno city centre (Czech Republic), performs its activity in its own manufacturing site that has a total surface of 20.700sqm of which 11.000sqm indoors.
Beghelli Elplast design and manufactures lighting fixtures, particularly metal fittings, with modern and technologically advanced production lines completing the plastic materials products range of the Beghelli Group.

Beghelli Praezisa
In 2000 Beghelli acquired Praezisa, the second most important German company specialized in central battery systems production. The company is located in Dinslaken, in its own building that has a surface of about 22.000sqm of which 4.000sqm indoors.

Beghelli Polska Sp.
It markets the range of Beghelli Elplast products in Poland.

Beghelli Hungary
Representative office with showroom and shops, located in the centre of Budapest, in Klotild Palace. Key activities based here include the provision of support and other key services to architects and engineers regarding rules and regulations for projects. Beghelli Hungary offers innovative solutions in the lighting and emergency systems sector, distributing and marketing these products across the Hungarian territory.

Beghelli China
The company manufactures and sells lighting fixtures for the companies of the Group, for the Chinese and for the international markets (Europe and United States). Moreover, it produces and sells components of the photovoltaic systems to the holding company.
Its own property has a surface of about 40.000sqm of which 32.000sqm dedicated to manufacturing with many light fixtures production lines, die casting aluminium machines and several automatic lines for painting. Thanks to its wide lighting fixtures catalogue, it is able to satisfy enquiries coming from the industry, tertiary and public lighting sectors.
The company operates following the ISO 9000 standard and it is able to realize fixtures according to the international quality and production norms.

Beghelli Asia Pacific
Beghelli Asia Pacific Ltd. (Hong Kong) operates sourcing electronic components and selling Beghelli products on the local market including government infrastructure projects, government hospital sector and commercial/industrial sectors. A small IOT team is serving demands from the APAC region.
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Beghelli Inc. (USA)
Located in the south of Florida, Beghelli USA offers services and distributes products in the United States through 60 independent distributors. The new Miramar office building houses the design and the R&D departments that are working in close collaboration with manufacturing and logistics.

Beghelli Mexico
In a market where the new “Safety for life” idea and the high attention for energy saving are vital Beghelli de Mexico has the great opportunity to have a big influence. Continuously developing new high luminous efficiency and energy saving products, Beghelli de Mexico gives an important contribution to the north American group.