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Beghelli Smart Lighting Show Control System-

Product Introduction

BGI D100 is a DMX signal amplifier with the function of signal isolation. The housing adopts ABS material with high intensity and profound corrosion resistance; Own small power consumption, excellent shielding effectiveness, powerful anti-jamming capability, strong stability; Degree of protection IP65

Products Information

  • Power: ≤ 2W
  • Power supply: 6-36Vdc, 50/60Hz 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
  • Protection grade: IP65
  • Working temperature: -40°C ~ +50°C
  • Isolate voltage: 1000V
  • Communication interface: DMX512
  • Transmission speed: ≤ 1Mbps
  • Addressing mode: Support automatic addressing
  • Master control: BGI D8000, BGI D2000, BGI D3200 or DMX512 Console

  • Catalogue Download

  • BGI-SA01