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Fast connection inverter

Electronic control gear for emergency lighting to light the LED modules. Autonomy independent of the lamp and selectable, 1.5h ~ 6h. The control of the output current with PWM modulation at a constant peak current allows the best control of the LED module, avoiding effects of distortion of the light flux and of the LED colour temperature. Maximum versatility for a LED conversion kit. Self-adapting output voltage with automatic load recognition. Output power independent of the connected LED module, and from today, thanks to the new Autoripara Battery, the safety and power are doubled.

  • Power:2 .5, 3.5, 5W constant
  • Power supply:230Vac ± 10% 50Hz
  • Operation:Maintained (SA) SE (Not Maintained)
  • Standard:EN 61347-2-7, EN 61347-2-13, EN 61347-1, EN 62034, SAA
  • Protection grade:IP20 (according to the fixture in which it is mounted), IP65
  • Autonomy:1.5h - 3h, 3h - 6h
  • Charging time:12h - 16h
  • DC Output:10 - 90Vdc
  • Working temp.:-10oC - +60oC (Bettery)/-10oC - +55oC (Inverter)
  • BatteryLiFePO4 6.4V 1.5Ah (1.5h / 2h / 3h)/LiFePO4 6.4V 3.0Ah (3h / 4h / 6h)
  • Status LEDA green LED indicates that charging current is flowing into the battery
  • Housing:Polycarbonate
  • Max Output Current:380 mA